Plant Maintenance

Improved maintenance management and reduce unplanned downtime

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Plant Maintenance Software Benefits

Variable Options for Plant Maintenance Routers

Keep all of your manufacturing and shop equipment maintenance up to date with Plant maintenance routers for each maintenance type. This application allows you to describe procedures for each type of maintenance needed within each router, keeping everyone informed. Maintenance can be scheduled based on frequency of hours, days, and usage giving your team maximum flexibility.

Manage Work Orders for All Equipment Parts, Repairs and Centers

Create and manage all work orders for Plant maintenance from one application for all workcenters, saving you time and keeping your manufacturing equipment maintenance on schedule. The Preventive Maintenance application allows you to schedule work orders for maintenance weeks or even months in advance, creating works orders by part, bin or workcenter for greater control. Once a part or workcenter exceeds the allotted time frame since the last work order, a new work order will automatically be generated.

Know Your True Machine Maintenance Costs

The Preventive Maintenance application allows you to track your manufacturing machine maintenance costs. Through this application you can easily see cost history by equipment and tool for more efficient planning and cost savings. Tool and calibration management within the application helps you know exactly what it costs to run your machines on your manufacturing shop floor.

Save Money & Avoid Scheduling Errors with Accurate Machine Maintenance


Keep manufacturing equipment downtime to a minimum by staying on top of all Plant maintenance schedules. Global Shop Solutions ERP Software Plant Maintenance application gives your team access to all your equipment maintenance schedules and work orders from one place. Features include Plant maintenance routers and tracking for maintenance costs for increased efficiency and flexibility, giving you the ability to maximize control over your manufacturing and shop floor equipment maintenance. Available on premise and in the cloud.

Functionality and Features

  • Set up different Plant maintenance types
  • Create routers to describe specific maintenance procedures
  • Schedule maintenance by frequency of hours, days and usage
  • Set requirements for scheduling equipment repair
  • Generate Plant maintenance work orders by part, bin, or workcenter
  • Establish cutoff dates to limit the number of work orders generated
  • Schedule work orders weeks or months in advance
  • Cost history by equipment and tool
  • Tool and calibration management
  • Visibility and full documentation of scheduled maintenance
  • Work orders for parts are auto-generated by specified timeline
  • Machine maintenance operations

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