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Enhance your sales team’s processes, productivity and pipeline visibility.

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CRM Software Benefits

Accurate Customer Relationships in Real-Time


You need accurate, real-time data for your customers, leads or opportunities, vendors and jobs wherever you are. Global Shop Solutions CRM was created specifically for manufacturing, empowering your sales force to sell; allowing you to manage your business relationships...

Track Sales and Leads

With the Global Shop Solutions CRM application, easily identify new prospects, see opportunities across the sales team, and track leads that have yet to convert to a customer. Executive dashboards, sales goals, and customized reporting help your management team keep your staff in sync while staying on top of business growth and potential.

Real-time Data on One Screen

With Global Shop Solutions CRM application, all the data you need to accurately manage your prospects, customers and vendors is right at your fingertips on one screen. Access invoicing, job status, shipments and quoting data in real-time, for any area of your manufacturing operation. Review notes and send out emails to prospects and clients without ever leaving your CRM application.

High-Level Safety and Security

Functionality and Features

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Events
  • Opportunities
  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Sales quotes
  • Sales history
  • Sales goals
  • Jobs and job status
  • Executive dashboard
  • Custom reporting
  • Order History
  • Work In progress
  • Credit rating
  • Payment status
  • Customer Information
  • Forecast sale
  • Sale dollars
  • Type of sale
  • Ship date
  • Payment history
  • Credit limits
  • Days outstanding
  • Customer preferences
  • Quality issues
  • Contact information
  • Campaigns
  • Service requests
  • Website information
  • Map of the billing address
  • To-do lists
  • Email marketing

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